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Digital Marketing today is hyper-competitive and yet less effective due to consumer marketing fatigue. Marketing technology has evolved so quickly most teams just can’t keep up. Multiple platforms and plugins, automation tools gone rogue, campaigns that cost more than they bring in; it’s all created an environment where a 4% conversion ratio is considered a success!

SVGA’s solution is to put Behavioral Science, Big Data, advanced marketing technology, and Creative Services under one roof. We’ve created the world’s first buyer identification engine informed by Behavioral Science and powered by a database that allows us to micro-target potential customers at scale, engaging them on things they care about – and side-stepping marketing fatigue.


Having big data, marketing technology and creative under one roof is a game changer. All client campaigns are data-driven and managed by automation in order to operate economically at scale. We call it the SVGA Robot Army and the Human Overlords. The Robot Army has access to our proprietary consumer database – one of the most comprehensive in the world – as well as Google, Facebook and online ad networks for a combined global reach that is unprecedented in marketing history.  

What our Clients are saying about the SVGA Team.

Elisa Wong

VP Marketing, Swiss Gear and Travel Pro

“The SVGA team competed against a field of competing agencies and were picked for a bakeoff against. Within 2 months of a 3-month trial, SVGA was so far ahead of the competition, we chose them for both brands.”

Neal Lassila

VP, Disney Consumer Products

“Chris’ team was among the top vendors that I have ever worked with. Their attention to client success above all made all the difference.”

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